Change – Inspiring, Planning, Implementing

Examining Companies

When we act on your behalf we do not begin with off-the-shelf answers but with searching questions: about your experience, aims and visions. With an impartial eye we uncover relevant patterns of thinking and behaviour and sum up the current situation with all its risks and possibilities. We unearth untapped resources and uncover hidden potential.

Designing Change

Successful change does not happen by itself. It is created. We ensure that complex change results through practicable projects. With clarity and detailed foresight we engineer a down-to-earth achievable road map and propose a feasible path. Both avoid unnecessary deviations and recognize stumbling blocks early on. 

Enhancing Team Performance

We make your team better. The key part we play is to clarify roles and expectations, solve conflicts and strengthen team spirit – all of which achieves resilient team structures and efficient processes. Above all we help you to get the very best out of your team – to discover untapped potential and fully make use of this hidden treasure.

Supporting Implementation

Those driving change in organizations seldom lack knowledge but often implementation expertise. GOLDRADT identifies not only WHAT should be changed but in particular HOW change should be carried on. With our tried and tested know-how we support ambitious projects from conception right up to successful completion.

Setting Change in Motion

There is not always something magical about the beginning of change processes. Often a decisive impulse is needed to win over sceptics and opponents. We give inspiring speeches to awake willingness for change and give the impulses necessary - at conferences, strategy meetings and large group sessions. Whenever stakeholders need to be motivated and require a spark of enthusiasm. 

Facilitating Large Group Sessions

When large teams, several departments or even the company as a whole come together in one room, there is a special kind of energy. Channelling requires experts who reach out to all participants, shape dialogue, enable active participation and encourage common solutions. Master and make full use of large group dynamics with GOLDRADT.

Training Change Managers

We are more than pleased to pass on our experience as change instigators. In an environment that promotes intensive, enjoyable learning, we inspire and impart our proven approach to your hand-picked change agents. State-of-the-art models and methods bring participants’ real projects to life. The right combination of theory and practice, knowledge and intuition, attitude and methodology prepares participants for working autonomously as change managers.